A Plain Widow by Diane Craver

A Sense Of Community

A Plain Widow by Diane Craver is an Amish romantic mystery and perfect for an afternoon’s read.

There are many themes including that of healing. Healing is not just physical but spiritual and links in with the theme of forgiveness. “I couldn’t heal completely until I forgave.” We forgive because God tells us to. When we forgive we feel better and not bitter.

Secrets have a power to destroy memories as one wonders exactly who was that person who was so secretive? Death may separate us from the truth.

The Amish are a close knit community. The novel shows how they rally around in times of trouble.

God is an important part of life. In the midst of difficult circumstances, He is needed even more. “You need to be focused on God and not on your circumstances.” God is our anchor. Keeping our eyes on Him enables us to stay grounded. “It was hard not to be bitter… but she needed God in her life even more now.”

Family is vital. There are some wonderful family relationships shown in the novel.

There is an air of warmth pervading A Plain Widow that reaches out and envelopes the reader. The reader can ‘feel’ the love and care for all within the community.

A perfect read that will warm your heart.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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6 thoughts on “A Plain Widow by Diane Craver

  1. Julia,
    I’m thrilled to be on your wonderful blog. I love your blog name too! Thank you for writing a review for my book, A PLAIN WIDOW. I enjoyed reading it and how you wrote about the various themes in the book. I’m glad I met you online because of my blog tour.

  2. Thanks for the review. I love that this is a heartwarming book and that you really felt deep emotions while reading it. I do enjoy family stories and don’t read enough of them.

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