Mission Of A Lifetime by Priscilla J Krahn

Be The You God Created You To Be

Mission Of A Lifetime by Priscilla J Krahn is a Christian adventure for YA but is suitable for any age as I am considerably older. Set in the Columbian jungle, the reader experiences the brutal conditions forced upon some of the characters.

There are many godly themes including spreading the Gospel message. If we do not tell others, how will they know? Living a missionary life is not just for the Columbian jungle, your mission field is right where you are.

There is also the theme of love. Not just human love but the love of God who sent Jesus to die for us all. “Whenever I feel like doubting God’s love, I just think about the cross.” The cross puts everything into perspective.

Christians are not promised a trouble free life but Jesus promises to never leave us. “I feel like You’re failing me. God where are You?” God’s silence does not mean that He has left us. We need to keep trusting and having faith that He is walking alongside us.

Mission Of A Lifetime helps to focus the mind on what is really important – and that is people. More stuff will never satisfy. Loving people, helping people, that’s what really counts. The love of stuff may lead to corruption and character downfall. The love of people will last.

The novel has the theme of being just who God created us to be. We are all unique. It is no good trying to be someone else – be the you God created you to be. Celebrate who you are in God.

There are the themes of loss, guilt and forgiveness. After a loss there may be survivors guilt. We need to let this go and forgive ourselves and others

There is hope within the novel. “He would never stop hoping.” When God gives you a hope, cling to it, no matter what others say. God always has the final word. Hope is what can get one through the day.

Healing – both spiritual and physical – is another important theme. Souls need healing as well as bodies.

Mission Of A Lifetime is a cracking Christian adventure, full of godly themes and lessons to be learnt.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.





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