Through The Eyes Of A Child by Julia Wilson

A Diary Entry

Saturday – I am so excited, my Dad says The Man is coming tomorrow. I remember the first time I saw Him – sitting on the hill, surrounded by so many people. I tried to get close to hear what He was saying. Men tried to keep me away but He stopped them. “Let the little child come to Me” He said. I sat on His lap and gazed into His deep, kind, brown eyes as He told me that He loved me and that He would always be with me. I do not know how that is possible but I believed Him. I cannot wait until I see Him again tomorrow.

Sunday – What an amazing day! So many people, all waving and shouting at The Man. I was not the only one who was pleased to see Him. I did not know if I would get close to Him but I did. He gazed at me and said “Remember I will always be with you. Whatever happens, I will never leave you.” I still do not know how this will be but I am comforted.

Friday – What an awful day. I saw The Man again. The people were shouting at Him and mocking Him. I think I was the only one who was pleased to see Him. I tried to yell “Leave Him alone,” but my voice was drowned out. I followed the crowd up the hill outside the city.. They were jeering at The Man who was carrying a heavy load. I could see Him. His body battered and bloody. A crown of thorns on His head. I cried for The Man, The Man with the deep, kind, brown eyes. The Man who would never leave me. He stumbled. I caught His eye. “Whatever happens, I will never leave you,” He said. The soldiers nailed The Man on a cross. He cried in pain. I cried with sorrow. I stayed at the foot of the cross until the sky turned black and The Man cried out “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” I am so sad, The Man who said He would never leave me, has died. The world feels so black.

Sunday – You will not believe it. I cannot believe it. I cannot contain my joy. I was walking this morning with my head down, my heart full of sadness when I bumped into a man. Looking up to say sorry, I gazed into deep, warm, brown eyes. I gasped. With a look of love, The Man said  “I love you. Whatever you face, I will be with you. I will never leave you nor forsake you.” I am so happy – My Man is alive.


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