Finding Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn

Completing The Circle

Finding Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn is an absolutely charming contemporary read. I loved the way dialogue from other novels – such as Narnia, The Tempest and A Christmas Carol – was incorporated into the story. The whole tale was warm and welcoming and I felt the arms of the story reach out and cocoon me.

The novel has the theme of searching. Not just physically searching but spiritually searching, and this was a dual search – as Miranda was searching for something or someone, so God was searching for her. The reader is reminded that we are all created for relationship with the Father. God longs for each and every one of us to come to Him.

Miranda was also looking for the truth. Who she was and where she came from had been kept a secret from her. Miranda wanted to know her roots and she wanted to be told the truth.

There is a fine line drawn between make believe and deceit in the story. As an actress, Miranda’s mother often blurred the lines. Miranda wants to separate the fact from the fiction.

The novel showed the isolation one can feel as I read “I felt most nostalgically at home whenever I was in a hotel room.” I found that to be a very sad and lonely sentence for anyone to utter.

In complete contrast, I ‘felt’ a warmth and hospitality pervading the whole book. The characters were all welcoming, reminding the reader that this is how the body of Christ should function. No one is ever left out.

I absolutely adored Finding Father Christmas. It was not what I was expecting when I picked it up – it was so much more than just a ‘nice’ story. It was about knowing the heart of God and responding.

I am now moving on to the next book Engaging Father Christmas and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

You can buy the books singularly or in a two for one book.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.





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