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A Haven On Orchard Lane by Lawana Blackwell

Second Chances

A HavenA Haven On Orchard Lane by Lawana Blackwell is a wonderful historical Christian novel set in 1880 in England.

There are many themes within the novel and one of those is that of fathers. Earthly fathers can be fickle and have their faults. They are all shown to be lacking. In contrast there is our Heavenly Father Who will not let us down and always has our best interests at heart.

Prayer is another major theme. When life is difficult, characters turn to God in prayer. When life is good, they thank God. Prayer should be a two way communication but “prayer is conversing with Him. But too often it is one-sided.” We need to remember to pause and listen for God to answer.  Continue reading

Mars With Venus Rising by Hope Toler Dougherty

Gifts From God

Mars With Venus RisingMars With Venus Rising by Hope Toler Dougherty is a delightful Christian novel and I just could not get enough of it!

Penn lives in Mars with her aunts Winnie and Jancie. They always have her best interests at heart. Once they meet newcomer John, so they begin match making!

The aunts practice the gift of hospitality. They are always cooking and feeding up people. Their generosity knows no bounds. Their recipes are included at the back of the e-copy.

The novel is a very comforting novel. Reading it is like wearing your favourite snugly jumper and eating chocolate. It is a delightful, warm novel and definitely has the ‘feel good’ factor.

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The Inheritance by Michael Phillips

A Legacy Lives On

The InheritanceThe Inheritance by Michael Phillips is a Christian novel that spans eighty years and several generations. The action moves from the Shetland Islands to London to America.

Michael Phillips writes intimately and with great knowledge about Whales Reef in the Shetland Islands. His descriptions evoke wild and rugged landscapes that will not be tamed. Here there is the ancient clan system that extends to this day.

The close community of Whales Reef depends on the protection of the clan chief to survive. As Auld Tulloch dies, so the village is thrown into disarray as the search for the legal beneficiary begins.

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Song Of Silence by Cynthia Ruchti

Be Blessed

Song of SilenceSong Of Silence by Cynthia Ruchti is a contemporary Christian novel and oh what a powerful read it is. I love everything that Cynthia Ruchti writes and always know that I will be in for a real treat, but Song Of Silence is something extra special. It is brutally honest, it is touching and it is hauntingly beautiful.

Lucy lives, sleeps and eats music. As funding is cut, so music disappears from the curriculum and Lucy loses not only her job but her passion. And even worse, she loses her joy “when they closed down the music program they stole the joy of music.”Song Of Silence deals with how to continue living when everything inside feels like it is dying. The rug pulled out from under her, how will Lucy survive? Every day is a struggle.

Cynthia Ruchti writes sensitively about forced early retirement. When one’s purpose for breathing is removed, how does one cope? Lucy experiences a myriad of emotions which are easy to empathise with. Lucy refers to herself as “driveable but broken.” She is going through the motions of living but is unsure about what the future holds.

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