The Justice by Angela Hunt

Power Struggles and Political Intrigue

The JusticeThe Justice by Angela Hunt is a contemporary Christian novel set around the presidency of the United States, as Daryn becomes the first female president.

The novel deals with many themes and issues but the main one is how absolute power corrupts absolutely. There is nothing wrong with being in a powerful position if one is motivated and led by truth and goodness. However when one craves power for its own sake and views each victory as propelling oneself further up the ladder of success, then there is a problem. To seek power above all else produces ruthless and cruel people who will do anything to remain in that position of power. “She had loved her ambition most of all.” Power and position without being tempered by goodness can produce disastrous results.

The Justice reveals how a female president can produce passionate feelings within people. Within the novel there are white supremacists who will stop at nothing to restore white male domination.

The novel opens the readers eyes to the power struggles within the White House, as well as the issues that are faced daily. There is always concern to be seen to be looking good on the surface but underneath it is a different picture. “In the revealing light of day they talked like angels, under the cover of darkness they lived like the devil.”

The reader is reminded that God does not look at our outward appearances as much as He looks into our hearts. Hearts that are pure and know God are far lovelier than a beautiful woman. God’s goodness will ooze from every pore and His love shines out of one’s eyes.

The novel deals with the theme of forgiveness. There are a great many ‘wrongs’ committed within the novel which may seem impossible to forgive in our own strength. Knowing God makes forgiveness possible.

There is no such thing as being too far from the love of God. Whatever sins one has committed, if one truly repents then God will forgive. “The One who died for you knows you better than you know yourself. And He loves you… He stands ready to forgive you.” God longs to welcome His children home.

The theme of loneliness is present throughout the novel. Sometimes we can be alone in a crowded room. At other times, if we know God, even though if we live alone, we are not lonely because He will never leave us.

I enjoy all Angela Hunt’s novels and I really enjoyed The Justice. Political intrigues and power struggles were contained within its pages. However for a Christian novel I was surprised at the inclusion of the topics of pre marital sex and adultery (no explicit details) and abortion for convenience, although none were portrayed in a positive light. It was however a compulsive read and the goodness of God shone through.




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