And It Was Beautiful by Kara Tippetts

So Brave, So Beautiful

And it was beautifulAnd It Was Beautiful by Kara Tippetts is her third book. It is split into four acts and is made up of entries from her blog Mundane Faithfulness. It is a beautiful book. Kara Tippetts was so brave and so beautiful.

Kara Tippetts was a young mum of four, fighting cancer. She had a loving husband Jason. She fought her cancer bravely. She could have become bitter, but she wasn’t. “If you live long with an illness, you can begin to be defined by it. I have cancer, but that’s only a part of who I am.” Kara knew exactly who she was. She was a child of God. Kara always gave God the glory. “To be in her (Kara’s) presence was to be in the presence of someone surrendered to God.”

Kara fought her cancer with her eyes on Jesus, believing that “suffering makes my faith more child-like.” In all her trials, treatments and disappointments, Kara stayed close to Jesus. “Don’t move away from Jesus. Move towards Him, be near to Jesus.” Jesus was her rock. In Him she built her life and she knew where she would spend eternity.

Kara recognised that it is important to be thankful and to have a grateful heart. She knew that her peace came from God and that it was important to thank Him. “It’s thanking Him (The Lord) at ALL times and in ALL circumstances, not for the painful things, but for His presence.” In all that she went through, Kara fixed her eyes on God and she received His peace.

Kara knew the secret of a happy marriage and a happy life was love. Love for The Lord. Love for her husband. Love for her children.  “The investment in love you make today, will affect your tomorrow’s.” When the hard times came, Kara’s life had a firm foundation. “Work at building the foundation so when the storms come, you can stand together.” Cancer can tear family’s apart but Kara’s family and friends radiated love back to her.

Kara worked at building memories for her children. Her life was short but she tried to have good times for them to remember. It is very sad for the reader to know that Kara wanted so very much to see her children grow up, graduate, marry and make her a grandmother. Kara’s faith meant that her eternal destination was clearly heaven. “After death there is something else.”

I have read all three of Kara’s books and they are all so powerful. Her words will strengthen your faith. Her words will alter your life if you let them. Her words will sink into your soul. Her books are not about cancer. Her books are about LIFE while fighting cancer and keeping one’s eyes firmly fixed on Jesus.

I received this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.  No monetary compensation was received and all views expressed are my own.



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