Nine Lives of Christmas by Sheila Roberts

Totally Charming

Nine Lives of ChristmasNine Lives of Christmas by Sheila Roberts is a perfectly delightful Christmas feel good novel. The story is told from three different viewpoints – his, hers and the cat! As a crazy cat lady myself, I found it highly entertaining to ‘hear’ the voice of Ambrose the cat!

Ambrose is on his ninth life when he is rescued from a vicious dog by fireman Zach. Ambrose decides to move in with Zach, and then sets about match making. Zach doesn’t want a cat, but Ambrose is persistent.

Merilee works at a local pet store and volunteers in an animal shelter. As soon as Ambrose sees Merilee, he decides that she is the one for Zach. Can Ambrose achieve his aim?

Nine Lives of Christmas has the theme of family running throughout. Both Zach and Merilee have siblings who would love to see each of them individually married. Zach is set against marriage. His parents are divorced. His friend is divorced. Marriage doesn’t work. Merilee on the other hand, comes from a loving family. She would love to be married but lacks self confidence, and is more in tune with cats than men. Her sisters try to boost her self esteem but she still feels inferior.

The novel shows how holding on to grudges and preconceived ideas merely serves to bring unhappiness. Living with one eye in the past means one is missing out on present happiness.

The setting, the snow, Christmas and cats all add up to making this one very enjoyable book. I found it a charming read. I loved Merilee with her insecurities, and Zach with his fear of commitment. But the star of the book for me was undoubtedly Ambrose. I loved his take on life.

Nine Lives of Christmas is a perfectly charming read and I can highly recommend it.


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