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Ginger And Brad’s House by Marion Ueckermann

Broken Houses, Broken Lives

Ginger And Brad’s House by Marion Ueckermann is a most delightful and heart-warming Christian romance that will leave you smiling.

The story is about second chances and new beginnings. “God had turned his bad mistake… into something beautiful.” God can take our messed up lives and transform them if we would just trust Him. “Surrendering himself fully to God.” We need to trust ourselves and others too.

Withdrawing from life is not a good option. Far from protecting us, it isolates us and if we are not careful, it will make us bitter.

We all make mistakes and need forgivenesss. If we withhold it, we will be guilty of hubris and our burden may become heavier. We must forgive because we have been forgiven.

Within the novel there is a gingerbread house building competition. This is a motif for our lives. We need to give God all the pieces of our broken lives and watch Him rebuild and restore.

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Recovering Hope by Marion Ueckermann

Follow The Cross

Recovering Hope by Marion Ueckermann is such a powerful Christian contemporary read that will shoot your emotions to pieces. It is part of the Potter’s House series and book two in the Shaped By Love series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Marion Ueckermann always writes tales about real issues that affect us all. Recovering Hope is no exception. Marion Ueckermann deals with the difficult topics of stillbirth, depression and suicidal tendencies. These themes are all sensitively but realistically presented. Depression can strike at any time. Sometimes there is a trigger but it may also be due to a chemical imbalance. I am sure we all know someone who has suffered from depression or maybe we have. The important thing is to get help, talk and take the medicine. Do not suffer in silence.

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A Time To Push Daisies by Marion Ueckermann

It’s Never Too Late

A Time To Push Daisies by Marion Ueckermann is a most delightful contemporary Christian romance that will leave you smiling and feeling good.

How wonderfully refreshing to have main characters that are the other side of sixty. No matter how old we get, God’s not finished with us yet. We are never too old to have adventures and to grab life’s opportunities with both hands. God can place new dreams in our hearts.

The novel surrounds the topic of organ donation. When tragedy strikes, it gives the opportunity to bless others.

Once more Marion Ueckermannn has drawn warm and realistic characters. They have their fears and insecurities as well as adventuring spirits. The reader just clasps them to their heart.

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Restoring Faith by Marion Ueckermann

Through The Fire

Restoring Faith by Marin Ueckermann is a contemporary Christian novel set in 2003 and part of the Potter’s House series as well as being the first book in the Shaped By Love series.

Marion Ueckermann writes about ‘real’ issues as the reader witnesses a fifteen year old marriage in crisis. “Heaven forbid the world knew their marriage was in trouble.” Why do we feel a need to pretend all is well, especially when we go to church? If we are in trouble, we need to seek godly counsel before it is too late.

The advice the world gives is not helpful. The world has a different set of standards when compared with the Christian however there should be the same moral code governing both. In all things we need to go to the source, the Bible, to get God’s standard.

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