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1531 Entertainment

If you are following this blog, chances are that you are a lover of good, clean & Christian books, audiobooks, and movies. That’s why today I’m so happy to tell you about our new company, 1531 Entertainment!

We just launched in January 2020. We are a company who curates books, audiobooks, and movies. We make sure they are clean or Christian so that you don’t have to worry whether you can trust the content. Many of our listings are for books, audiobooks, or movies that are on sale. Though we do allow authors to share listings for full-priced items too (eBooks are generally less than $5.) Artists deserve to make a living!

We share these listings on our website and social media accounts, and also provide for consumers to sign up to be notified of content in their favorite genres via our newsletter. Once you sign up, you will get an email a few times a week with clean or Christian listings selected just for you and your tastes!

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