All That’s Left Unsaid by Tracey Lien

Cover Reveal

Set in Cabramatta, Sydney in 1996, All That’s Left Unsaid follows Ky, who returns home in the wake of her brother’s murder to find that, despite the murder taking place a busy restaurant, the police investigation has stalled – every single bystander claims to have seen nothing. As Ky attempts to uncover the truth, she slowly unpacks the traumas of all of those present at the restaurant and discovers that so much has been left unsaid about colonialism, the war in Vietnam and the choices everyone has made to survive.

All That’s Left Unsaid is a profound exploration of racism and inherited trauma centred on the Vietnamese-Australian community. Through the book Tracey probes the intricate bonds of friendship, family, and community, and hopes to shed a light on the tension, confusion and oftentimes pain of growing up Asian in Australia.

Coming 15th September

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