Lad: A Yorkshire Story 2018 cert 12

Beautiful Scenery And Touching Story

Lad: A Yorkshire Story is a positively charming coming of age movie that focuses on thirteen year old Tom.

The viewer sees Tom as he grows in character from a typical teen into a caring and competent young man. Some of his growing up is forced on him by circumstances and other is due to the caring, calm nurturing by warden, Al.

The story explores how one family survives a devastating loss. There are some truly touching moments that will have you reaching for the tissues. In contrast there are some absolutely hilarious moments too – I shall never forget the scene with the muck spreader, the bank and the traffic warden!

The movie was shot within the Yorkshire Dales National Park in the area around Settle. The scenery is truly breath-taking. The Dales really are worthy of the title of God’s Own County.

I thought the characters were well played and realistic. For me, the movie had a feel of Kes about it – from what I remember when I studied Kes at school aged eleven, many moons ago.

I must mention the relationship between Tom and Al – it was beautifully portrayed. The reader could really see the connection between the pair as the chemistry flowed seemingly effortlessly between them. Their friendship was easy to empathise with.

I can highly recommend Lad: A Yorkshire Story – watch it for the scenery or the story, or both. It is a beautiful movie from whichever way you choose to view it.


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