Risen (12)

Powerful Portrayal

RisenRisen staring Joseph Fiennes as Clavius is a powerful film of the days following the crucifixion of Yeshua. As a Christian I found the portrayal an accurate representation of the major events after the death of Jesus. As a Hollywood film, there had been some but very little poetic license.

The film moves from the cross to Jerusalem to the shores of Galilee as Roman soldier Clavius searches for the body of Jesus.

There is the theme of awakening as the scales of unbelief fall as the truth of who Yeshua is, is revealed in the hearts of those who come to know Him.

Cliff Curtis as Yeshua portrays Him with realism as the kindness, compassion and power are released. Even as He hung on the cross, there was a power emanating from Him.

There are some very clever shots. I particularly liked the window scene when the window frame, as the camera panned in, became the cross.

I had heard mixed reviews of Risen but I really enjoyed it and can highly recommend it.


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