You Are Never Alone by Julia Wilson

A Short Story

HandsI sat on the edge of the bench. The wood smooth under my fingers. I stared out at the lake – a perfect azure blue. The sun sparkled on the water. Two white swans glided by majestically.

I glanced to my left – a squirrel and its mate skittered up a tree. The trunk gnarled with age. How many summers had passed since it was planted? Two hundred? Three hundred?

A young couple walked past hand in hand. She flung her head back, laughing at something he said.

All around me were scenes of life. The birds sang. The flowers swayed in the breeze. A pair of dragonflies flew backwards and forwards across the lake. Their wings looked like pure spun silk.

Life and laughter everywhere – except on my bench. I pulled my woollen cardigan around me and wrapped my arms around myself. I felt cold. I felt alone. I felt isolated.

Then I saw Him walking towards me. I squinted, the sun was in my eyes. He stopped when He reached my bench. I looked up into His face. With the sun behind Him it was hard to focus on His features but I knew who He was.

Gently He held His hands out to me. Big, strong, nail pierced hands. I bit my lip as I held back the tears forming in my eyes. “Why did you let them do that to You?” I asked.

“For love” His deep baritone voice replied, “For you.”

My tears fell freely now. “But You don’t know me,” I stuttered.

Taking my hand in His, He replied “My child I have always known you. Before you were formed in your mother’s womb I knew you and I loved you. You need never feel alone again. I am with you always and I will never leave you.”

With His help I rose from the bench. I looked into His soft brown eyes and I knew the words He had spoken were true, I would never be alone again.


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4 thoughts on “You Are Never Alone by Julia Wilson

  1. Thank you so much Julia for sharing this beautiful short story about an unexpected encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ. You are so right – we are never alone. He surrounds our hearts and being with his immeasurable, unconditional love. j

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