What If by Julia Wilson

jesusPeople cheer for their football teams. They rave about movies. They ‘share’ the latest trends. What if we raved about Jesus? Shouted His name from the rooftops? Shared His Love?

We rush around. Our lives are so busy ‘doing’ that we stop ‘seeing’. What if we slowed down? Marvelled at sunsets? Smelt the roses?

All around us people are struggling… the young mum with several children under five. The homeless man without a roof over his head. The old lady who lives alone. What if we were Jesus’ eyes and ears? His hands and feet? If we saw the lost, the lonely, the hurting, the broken-hearted, the widow, the orphan? The world would be a better place if we just opened our eyes, our hearts and reached out.

What if we lived with our eyes on eternity?

What if we lived like death was not the end?

What if we lived like Jesus?


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3 thoughts on “What If by Julia Wilson

  1. Lots of what if’s that would such a difference in our lives and the lives of others we answered with “Yes, I will.”

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