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The Path To The Sea by Liz Fenwick

Love And Passion And Loyalty

The Path To The Sea by Liz Fenwick is an epic tale of love and loss, truth and lies, and loyalty. The reader is in for  a real treat as we are whisked away to the brooding landscape that is the Cornish coast.

The novel is set in 1962 and 2018. The action is seen from the point of view of three generations of women. They are united not only by their common history but by their family characteristics. The women are all strong characters but haunted by their pasts. Some things are best kept hidden, whilst others need to come to light. “Missing what she could barely remember.”

A deathbed confession awakens a curiosity in both the characters and the reader. We long to dig deeper as we go on a journey in tandem with the characters, almost dreading what we may discover.

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