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Promises To Keep by Nan Rossiter

Totally Charming

Promises To Keep by Nan Rossiter is a delightful contemporary novel that will warm your heart. It is the second book in the Savannah Skies series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The novel is about love and care from the cradle to the grave as we see both pre-term babies and seniors.

It is important to care for those who cannot care for themselves. When a young mother realizes she cannot care for her baby, another stepped in (before the story opened) with love and care.

As our bodies let us down, it is important to remember that where now we see a senior standing, inside there is still a beating heart that has lived and loved. “What stories are locked behind those frightened eyes?” It is sad to see a loved one abandoned by their family in a senior living facility.

In contrast there is a daughter who refuses to abandon her father to Alzheimer’s. “I’m not just going to forget about him… even if he doesn’t always recognize me.” We witness lives opening up when familiar music is played. Musical memories are deep-seated.

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