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Open Circle by Stacy Monson

Whatever It Takes

Open Circle by Stacy Monson is a marvellous and heartfelt contemporary Christian novel that surrounds the topics of dementia and Alzheimer’s. It was refreshing to have a tale that focused on the over sixties.

Far from being a gloomy read, Open Circle is uplifting, caring and full of love. The characters are elderly but not unseen. They still have a part to play in life and are encouraged to live life. To be active and not passive. “When we’re young, we have a purpose. As we get old, it’s harder to find reasons to get up in the morning.” The book emphasises the importance of seeing the individual and of tailoring their needs. To celebrate what they can do and not what they no longer can do. It is encouraging their strengths and playing down their weaknesses. “Celebrate uniqueness.”

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