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Summer Of Secrets by Nikola Scott

Magnificent Obsessions

Summer Of Secrets by Nikola Scott is a marvellous historical and contemporary novel about the power of love to motivate actions. Set in present day and the summer of 1939, as the world was on the brink of war.. Lives mirror world events on the brink of change.

Parallel lives today and in 1939 hold the reader’s attention. We see the powerful force of love at work. Siblings share bonds that it is impossible for anyone else to understand.

Love is a strange emotion. At its best it is pure and good. At its worst it is twisted and controlling. It is all consuming.

There are difficult to read scenes concerning domestic abuse. Abuse takes many forms including mental anguish and domination. You can be abused in a mansion just as easily as in a hovel. Abuse is never the victims fault.

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