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Phantom Ship In The Desert by Sherri Kukla

Exciting And Entertaining

Phantom Ship In The Desert by Sherri Kukla is a Christian contemporary children’s adventure novel and the third book in the Moto Mysteries series. It can be read as a stand-alone. I enjoyed catching up with familiar faces.

A mystery handed down the years is the focus as Jeremiah and Millie set out to solve it. Millie is particularly tenacious. She is head strong, always pressing forwards sometimes at the detriment to personal safety. She is also aware of her faults, asking God to help her where she is weak.

The search in the story reminds the reader that God searches for us relentlessly and with a passion until He finds us.

We are called to take care of the orphans or those who find themselves parentless through no fault of their own. Arms, hearts and a home are opened as a generational dream is fulfilled. Once more, we remember that we will always find a home in Our Father’s arms.

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