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Tractorman by Michael James Wiggins

Man With Beard, Dog And Blue Snail

Tractor Man by Michael Wiggins is a true account of one man’s journey from the South of Spain to Bradford on a 1963 tractor – a distance of 1400 miles. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, he did it pulling a caravan with just his dog Luna for company.

I really enjoyed the interactions with Luna – her referring to Michael Wiggins as ‘master’ immediately put me in mind of Dobbie from Harry Potter! Dogs are always guaranteed to be crowd pullers and pleasers and Luna was no exception.

Along the way Michael Wiggins met strangers who opened their hearts. “Strangers prepared to give simply out of kindness reinforces all sense of humanity.” There was a real warmth that leapt from the pages. People on the continent saw Michael Wiggins and his tractor as a novelty, in contrast with England where it was accepted as the norm!

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