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The Summer Villa by Melissa Hill

Lives Entwined

 The Summer Villa by Melissa Hill is a most delightful contemporary novel that will have your pulse racing as you read towards the conclusion, anticipating what is to come.

The novel has two time periods – ‘then’ (five years earlier) and ‘now.’ The action alternates between the two.

Three strangers meet at crossroads in their lives – all have needs to be met and their own destinies to fulfil. Their lives entwine down the years.

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Keep You Safe by Melissa Hill

A Mother’s Love

Keep You Safe by Melissa Hill is a marvellous contemporary read set in Ireland that will have you hooked from the start.

At the novel’s heart is the question of to vaccinate our children or not? It is a complex issue and there are no easy, set answers.

The novel is also about motherhood. Every mother tries to do what is best for their child. There are no universal answers except one – love your child. Every mother tries to keep their child safe and love unconditionally.

Life interrupts our daily living. Sometimes life hits and we have to go with the flow, struggling to survive. “I’m scared to death… I’ve never felt so helpless.”

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