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Forever Loved: Eve’s Story by Joanna May Chee

Drawing Nearer To God

Forever Loved: Eve’s Story by Joanna May Chee is a fictional account of the first woman, Eve. It is not meant to be read instead of the beginning of the Bible but alongside it. It will help to enhance our understanding of Eve and our own relationship with God, our Father.

Joanna May Chee opens with the background to her story. It is God inspired. It is a story of love. A love for Eve. For you. For me. A love that hangs on. A love that will never let us go. A love that never fails.

We ‘feel’ Eve’s love for God. We ‘see’ her being tempted. We ‘feel’ her despair but God is faithful even when we are not. God loves us. “In the midst of death, darkness and despair, God spoke victory.”

No matter what happens in life, God has the victory, Always. Forever.

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