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Always You by Jennifer Rodewald

His Plans

Always You by Jennifer Rodewald is  a delightful contemporary novel and part of the Potter’s House series.

Jennifer Rodewald has presented a wonderful, warm and welcoming collection of characters who envelope the reader with love. Her lead characters have a rapport with each other as they bounce their dialogue backwards and forwards. They make the reader smile.

God’s plans are always best for our lives. We do not always realise this. “He [God] means good for you, even when He tells you no.” Sometimes in our prayers we tell God what we want instead of listening to His plans for our lives. Prayer is important. It should be as natural as breathing. “Prayer came easily.” Prayer should be a two-way dialogue not a monologue from us.

Knowing God’s Word is also important. Whatever season we are in, there will always be an appropriate word from God. Sometimes in life there are just no words and then we need to lean on God and press into Him. “When there were no words, there was presence.”

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When I Come Home Again by Jennifer Rodewald


When I Come Home Again by Jennifer Rodewald is a powerful contemporary Christian novel about love, loss and new beginnings.

When loss hits hard, we hurt, we become angry and we withdraw. For a short while, this is an acceptable response but when anger rules our lives, we are in trouble. Something must change. “I don’t want this anger anymore.” We need to own our anger, then leave it at the foot of the cross. If we do not, we will be forever bound by the chains of anger.

Regret often goes hand in hand with anger. Regrets can immobilise and imprison us. “Regrets are bondage… If you don’t deal with them… they own you.” Regret is a burden we were never meant to carry. Jesus died for our freedom, not so we could imprison ourselves with regrets. “Some people live with regret their whole lives, never realising they don’t have to.”

God gives us gifts. He delights in us as we use these gifts. “The joy of the Creator as they exercised the gifts He’s built into them.”

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Finding Evergreen by Jennifer Rodewald

Stop Running And Love Harder

Finding Evergreen by Jennifer Rodewald is a powerful contemporary Christian story. It is the third book in the Grace Revealed series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Wow – what to say? Finding Evergreen is a book about love. Not a perfect love but a raw, gritty, love hurts story. It is about a marriage. A marriage of two imperfect people seeking to fulfilment in each other. “Marriage… was supposed to fill a cavern of emptiness.” That is far too much pressure to put on anyone. It is only God who can truly fulfil us.

People meet. They fall in love. Great married and live happily ever after. Right? Wrong. Real life is not a fairy story. Real life is messy. Real life has outside forces that impact on us. Finding Evergreen is a brilliant read about ‘real life’ love. It pulls no punches. It tugs at heartstrings. It messes with heads. Is ‘real love’ really worth the effort?

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Ordinary Snowflakes by Jennifer Rodewald

Looking For God Every Day

ordinaryOrdinary Snowflakes by Jennifer Rodewald is a delightful Christian festive romance. Set in snow in the weeks leading up to Christmas, it is a wonderful feel-good read that will take up residence in your heart.

There are many themes in Ordinary Snowflakes and all of them revolve around God. God is present every day, everywhere, in all of our lives. “If we can’t see Him in those small everyday things, we won’t be able to understand that He’s right beside us in the moments that cave in our lives.” Too often we cannot see Him, feel abandoned, invisible or even worse “I really felt that God hated me.” God is always there for us. We need to seek Him, focus on Him and trust Him with our lives.

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