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Love Finds A Way by Jae Blessing

The Gift Of Love

Love Finds A Way by Jae Blessing is a delightful Christian short story and the second story in the Jubilee Series but can be read as a stand-alone.

It is a story about the love of God and His faithfulness at all times. Things happen in life that hurt but God never lets us face them alone. The story reveals how God gives a gift of love.

There is more to life than just work. We do need to earn a living but when work takes over and is our main focus, we have a problem. The story discusses this and shows how a character receives a wake-up call.

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Can’t Help Falling In Love by Jae Blessing


Can’t Help Falling In Love by Jae Blessing is a sweet Christian short story that will warm your heart and leave you smiling. It is the first tale in The Jubilee Series.

The town of Jubilee is built on the desires of the people to be faithful to and to honour God. The town can be seen as a motif for our lives. We need to keep our eyes fixed on God and listen to His promptings.

The characters are wholesome. There are some delightful verbal volleys between the two main characters. Match making comes from an unlikely source.

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