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It Happened At Christmas by Christen Krumm

Totally Charming

It Happened At Christmas by Christen Krumm is the most delightful contemporary tale that will have you believing that wishes really do come true.

The novel was reminiscent of Cinderella, A Little Princess and While You Were Sleeping all wrapped up into one charming story. The lead characters were wonderfully drawn and totally realistic and lovable. Being down-trodden but bouncing back takes much courage.

There is the search to belong and an orphan longing for a home. She is a breath of fresh air, breathing life wherever she goes.

Being set during the Christmas holidays adds to the nostalgia and festive atmosphere. With delicious descriptions from Christen Krumm, I ‘floated’ through the novel, savouring every minute.

True friends are worth their weight in gold. We all need friends who will love us for who we are and not for the size of our bank account.

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