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Finding Gobi by Dion Leonard

A Beacon Of Hope

 Finding Gobi by Dion Leonard is the most heart-warming true story of a long distance runner and a little stray dog in need of a home.

The story is about love. At times it was lacking in the lives of both the author and Gobi. They recognized a need in each other.

Gobi is a little dog with a huge personality. “Any dog that tough deserves a happy ending.” She is a fighter with a sense of loyalty.

Gobi attached herself to Dion Leonard whilst he was competing in a long distance race in China which took in the Gobi desert and hence the name. Gobi saw something attractive in Dion Leonard and by the race’s end, they were inseparable.

A decision to bring Gobi home to Edinburgh required grit, determination, sacrifice and money but “When it comes to family, you don’t count the cost.”

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