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The Kicking The Bucket List by Cathy Hopkins

Love, Laughter And Family

The Kicking The Bucket List by Cathy Hopkins is an amusing contemporary read about love, family and relationships. It is also a study of grief. “Grief is like standing on the edge of the ocean. Some days… it’s manageable. Other days… it blasts like a tsunami.” Grief can be all consuming as one adjusts to a new ‘normal.’

The novel follows three sisters over a year. Each one is unique. The relationship has been fractured. Can they rebuild as they unite in grief?

There are many themes and as well as studying grief, the novel is a study of life. “Life isn’t made up of what is thrown at you, it’s about how you react to it.”. The novel is a study of hope. A study of the past, present and future. It will make you smile. It definitely made me laugh out loud. And it will make you cry.

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