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At The Captain’s Table by Gervase Phinn

Witty, Engaging, Delightful

At The Captain’s Table by Gervase Phinn is the most delightful contemporary novel giving the reader the taste of life on a Mediterranean cruise ship.

This is the latest offering from Gervase Phinn and I enjoyed every minute of it. I found myself torn – wanting to read on, but not wanting to finish the book!

Once more we are treated to an eclectic mix of characters sailing on the high seas. The setting is a departure from the Dales but equally entertaining and captivating.

I loved the interaction between the characters. I spent the novel either sniggering or laughing out loud – especially at some of the malapropisms! Young Oliver at twelve years old warmed my heart. He had a very old head on young shoulders. He looked seriously at the world and was wise and kind. He saw the invisible and he reached out with kindness.

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