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A Reason To Trust by T.K. Chapin

He Leaves The Ninety Nine

A Reason To Trust by T.K. Chapin is a contemporary Christian novel that explores love and loss, faith and forgiveness, restoration and new beginnings.

Once again T.K. Chapin has written a marvellous novel that reveals the heart of God. “I deserved Hell but You gave me life.” God does not give us what we deserve because of Jesus. He loves us with an everlasting love. God longs for us all to walk with Him. When we wander off, He leaves the ninety nine to relentlessly pursue us. “You [a character] might have left me, but I learned that God stayed.” Even when others or ourselves walk away, like the father in the prodigal son, God watches and waits before running towards us when u-turn towards Him.

Loss hurts. Loss plus guilt weighs heavy. “He thought he’d had more time.” We are not guaranteed tomorrow so must not let the sun go down on our anger.

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