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Many Sparrows by Lori Benton

Finding Home

Many Sparrows by Lori Benton is a fabulous Christian historical adventure set in 1774 America.

Intertwining the lives of the Native Americans with the white Americans, enables the reader to become acquainted with the Native American way of life. They bind together, are fiercely loyal and generous. “Each family sharing what they didn’t need rather than hoarding it.”

Having been introduced to Jesus, the Native Americans try to adopt His teachings. They have an alternative way of life whilst embracing Christian values.

There is conflict within the novel which seems to me, to be stirred up by the white Americans who wish to make war and not peace with the Native Americans.

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The Captive Brides Collection by Various


The Captive Brides Collection is a wonderful selection of nine tales dealing with captivity. Captivity may be physical, mental or spiritual. It is anything that binds us against our will. The reader travels from America to Australia, from 1655 to the late nineteenth century. The stories have similar themes of injustice, prejudice, trust, redemption, new beginnings and second chances, and fighting for freedom.

Down the ages women (and men and children) have been exploited by the greedy and the grasping. However there are good men who will fight this injustice. Good old fashioned knights in shining armour.

A perfectly delightful collection. I have my favourite. Pick up a copy today and see which one you like best.

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Waiting For Butterflies by Karen Sargent

Love Never Dies

Waiting For Butterflies  by Karen Sargent is a most beautiful contemporary Christian novel about a love that never dies. It is a study of grief so beautifully written that the words will penetrate your very soul.

Waiting For Butterflies is a work of fiction showing death is not the end. You cannot kill love. Everyone handles grief differently and needs to work through their grief to find a new type of ‘normal.’ The family in the novel was “trying to find our way back to normal.” There was anger and emptiness to work through as best as one could. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. There is only immense pain.

Guilt is a normal part of grieving, There is always something left unsaid or something we wish we’d done differently. Regrets figure too and the pain of never having chance to say goodbye.

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To Gain A Mommy by Tanya Eavenson

A Sweet Story

To Gain A Mommy by Tanya Eavenson is a sweet Christian romance with its focus on forgiveness and second chances.

The novel shows how unforgiveness and holding grudges from the past can weigh a person down. Forgiveness is freeing. We need to learn from the lessons of the past in order to move forwards into the future.

Jealousy can motivate a person to behave in despicable ways, having a full and lasting effect on others.

There is the theme of healing – spiritual and literal. One day we will all be healed as we stand face to face with Jesus.

Family is important. Family’s bond together and help each other through life’s ups and downs. They are our support network.

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