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For No Apparent Reason by S.K. Derban

Engrossed And Guessing

For No Apparent Reason by S.K. Derban is a contemporary murder mystery which I really enjoyed. There was a great plotline that drew the reader in from the start – the cosy opening that morphed into the very sinister.

With amateur sleuthing meeting the professional FBI, the reader realised something big was going down. There were warm touches as a romance bubbled alongside the mystery.

God was in control. “When you allow God to be in control, there is no need to worry about tomorrow.” It did not always seem like it to the characters, but God always had a plan, we just need to trust Him.

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Celtic Warriors by Cassandra Wolf

Lives Intertwined

Celtic Warriors by Cassandra Wolf is both a contemporary and an historical Christian novel. It is set in the present day and the seventeenth century at the time of the English Civil War.

Celtic Warriors educates and informs the reader about the Civil War and the Anglo Irish relations. Names from history are present within the novel.

In the novel Cassandra Wolf explores how lives from the present may be intertwined with the past. The past is told through dreams and hypnosis but God is always given credit for the good in people’s lives.

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Mighty To Save by Caryl McAdoo

Coming Home

Mighty To Save by Caryl McAdoo is the ninth book in the Texas Romance series but can be read as a stand-alone. It is a Christian historical romance and another beautiful offering from Caryl McAdoo which I loved.

The novel is set over two time periods covering the first world war and the mid nineteenth century. The latter the reader learns about via a novel one of the characters is writing. It is a very well thought out and planned literary device.

There are many Godly themes and the overriding message is – God is good. In the good times we can trust God. In the bad times we can trust God. Sometimes we do not understand why things happen but God is still good. Sometimes we feel that God is silent and that He has abandoned us but He hasn’t. God is still good and we can trust Him even when we don’t understand.

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Secrets Among The Cedars by Sherri Wilson Johnson

Family Ties

Secrets Among The Cedars by Sherri Wilson Johnson was a thrilling contemporary Christian suspense. The warm atmosphere and the beauty in nature contrasted with the lurking menace that had the reader’s heart racing and pulse rising.

The novel was so much more than just a good story. It had the presence of God throughout. We all have a God shaped hole that if we try to fill with anything else, will leave us empty and searching. “If career and love weren’t where her treasure needed to be, then where?” Our treasure is never to be found in a thing but in a person – and His name is Jesus.

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