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You Are Never Alone by Julia Wilson

A Short Story

HandsI sat on the edge of the bench. The wood smooth under my fingers. I stared out at the lake – a perfect azure blue. The sun sparkled on the water. Two white swans glided by majestically.

I glanced to my left – a squirrel and its mate skittered up a tree. The trunk gnarled with age. How many summers had passed since it was planted? Two hundred? Three hundred?

A young couple walked past hand in hand. She flung her head back, laughing at something he said.

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Close Encounters Of The Furred Kind by Tom Cox

So Funny And Easy To Empathise

CatClose Encounters Of The Furred Kind by Tom Cox is a wonderful book about Tom and Gemma’s lives with their four cats – Shipley, The Bear, Roscoe and Ralph. It was highly entertaining and I loved it.

All of the cats have their own individual natures and all are equally charming. Tom Cox tells of their lives as they move from Norfolk to Devon. There are delightful encounters with other cats too.

As a cat owner of five myself I could certainly empathise with some of the antics – who hasn’t had a cat sneeze in their face while looking lovingly at you? I found the book really funny and laughed out loud at many instances. And shed a tear at others.

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Her One And Only by Becky Wade

Love Rescues

Her One and OnlyHer One And Only by Becky Wade is a contemporary Christian novel and book number four in the Porter family series. It can however be read as a stand-alone.

Dru Porter has three older brothers. All four of the siblings are ex marine. Dru is a bodyguard and her latest assignment is to protect NFL star Gray Fowler from a stalker. Gray is horrified to be protected by a woman. Becky Wade breaks down the stereotypes in her latest novel, as well as keeping the reader guessing about the identity of the stalker.

The novel has many themes including that of the faithfulness of God. “He’d (God) been faithful to her in the past, and she could trust Him.” Meg, Dru’s sister-in-law has experienced fertility issues in the past. Now pregnant with twins, she trusts God to take care of both her and her babies. “When Meg looked back over the course of her life, she could see the stamp of God’s faithfulness on every circumstance.” Meg realises that whatever happens to her and her babies, both they and she are God’s children. She sees God’s faithfulness to protect in the past and knows that she can trust Him with the future.

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No Neutral Ground by Terri Wangard

Deep Roots

No Neutral GroundNo Neutral Ground by Terri Wangard is a Christian historical novel and book two in the Promise For Tomorrow series. It can however be read as a stand-alone. The action takes place during 1944 in America, Scotland, England and Sweden,

Rafe fled Germany in 1936 with his mother and siblings as his mother was Jewish but also has Swedish ancestry. They settled in America. Jennie lives in America and also has Swedish relatives. Rafe and Jennie’s paths cross aboard the Queen Mary as they sail for Scotland in 1944.

No Neutral Ground shows the horrors of war for both the armed forces and civilians. There is a lot of action surrounding the air force. The life expectancy for air crews was just six weeks. Friendships are hard to come by as they could be gone in an instant. Terri Wangard has clearly done her research as the details of the planes and the bombing missions is extensive.

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