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Sight Lines by Luke Strickland

Engaging, Chatty Style

LukeSight Lines by Luke Strickland is a fascinating book all about giving a vision to our dreams.

We all have dreams about the future but we need to plan how to achieve them. Luke Strickland shows the need for us to set goals – short, medium and long term so we have something to aim at along the way.

Luke Strickland explains that life is not just about the destination. It is about enjoying the journey on the way. At times we may feel we have failed on the way to our vision. Failure does not have to be a negative. Our mistakes can be an opportunity to grow.

Within Sight Lines, Luke Strickland has sight tests where he asks questions of the reader. These are designed to propel the reader towards their vision.

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Someone Like You by Victoria Bylin

God’s Enduring, Unending and Everlasting Love

VictoriaSomeone Like You by Victoria Bylin is a contemporary Christian novel which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was my first by Victoria Bylin but I shall be hunting out more. On the surface it was a charming story but dig deeper and you will find the tale of God’s enduring, everlasting and unending love.

Zeke and Julia knew each other in college. Six years later their paths cross again. Their lives have altered but their connection to each other hasn’t.

The novel deals with the theme of single parents as Julia has a four year old son, Max. Victoria Bylin shows how it takes a community to raise a child in the way he should grow. There is no judgement nor condemnation, just love for both Max and Julia.

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The God Attraction by Craig Merrett

Wow! – Loads Of Godly Truths

GodThe God Attraction by Craig Merrett is a powerful book, full of godly truths. If we read it and put its principles into action in our lives, the transformation would be amazing.

The book is broken down into twelve chapters, each concerned with different aspects of attracting God and God’s power into our lives. It is written in an easy to understand and engaging style.

Life is a constant battle with so much vying for our attention. Every day we face choices – positive and negative. The God Attraction shows how to choose the positives in our lives, as our lives will improve merely by having a positive attitude and doing positive things.

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One Plus One Equals Trouble by Sondra Kraak

Battle For The Classroom

OneOne Plus One Equals Trouble by Sondra Kraak is a Christian historical romance set in 1891 in the small town of Pine Creek.

The novel is highly amusing. The antics of Claire and Barrett as they bounce off each other in competition to be the only teacher in the town are delightful.

The novel brings small town life really alive for the reader. Much of the novel is set in the one roomed classroom with thirty four pupils. The reader gets to know the teachers and the pupils intimately. There are cute little girls and jovial boys. There is both the air of competition and of respect between the two teachers. Both have very different reasons for wanting the job.

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